Increasing Sales By Improving The Buzz About Your Business

Hollywood Product Placement develops powerful celebrity photo opportunities, personal appearances and product showcasing that can establish your company as the choice of today's hottest celebrities!

Product Placement
When your campaign begins, product samples or branded merchandise will go out to every prop master and set in Hollywood. This is over 100 Television shows and 20-30 feature films that are in production at any one time.

Our team will get your products placed on as many sets as possible on a variety of top primetime, cable television shows and film sets and provide regular reports and video footage of placements. We are then on-set and at the studios to make certain your product is integrated into the scenes for maximum exposure and impact.

Since Product Placement is fully-integrated into each show, it is seen by 100% of the viewers. Unlike traditional television advertising, your product is also seen when the episode is shown multiple times during the season, when the show is sold into syndication, any international viewers and when it is eventually sold on DVD.

More importantly, according to Forrester Research and the American Academy of Advertising:

Auto Tape on Stacked (Fox)
Black & Decker Auto Tape featured  'Stacked'
Watch this Clip

"Primetime television commercials are only seen by only 8 – 10% of the viewers - 90% of all viewers do not watch commercials."

With the market for DVR’s (Digital Video Recorders) such as TiVo increasing, more and more viewers will be watching fewer commercials.

Product Placement programs are available for a variety of products - call for details:   323-205-7022

Jeff Greenfield on CNBC discussing Product Placement & connection to the Internet.

The Internet Connection
Search engines, discussion boards and newsgroups are responsible for the 'grassroots' launch of the sleeper-hit The Blair Witch Project and the television show 'Hottest Mom In America'.
  • Message boards are a generator of a significant amount of traffic on the Internet.

  • Message boards are different than mySpace or other younger communities in that Message Boards are found in hundreds of thousands of different websites, discussing every single topic you can imagine – from how to buy the best rims for your car to the best places to practice archery shooting, to folks discussing personal health issues.
For EVERY interest & concern in the world, there is a unique discussion board!

Drug companies, Soft Drinks and Automobile manufacturers would NEVER launch a media campaign without involving the Internet - which is why it is an integral part to the success of our Product Placement campaign.

"Internet marketing," notes Gordon Paddison, director of interactive marketing at New Line Cinema, "is the most inexpensive and efficient mode of marketing around. And it's available to those with limited resources. Online is all about word of mouth."

Unlike traditional Banner advertising and pay-per-click ads, our Internet component focuses on Message Board posting which has these advantages:

  • Once a message is posted, it keeps getting read over and over again.
  • Message board owners rarely delete messages, so most messages live on for years!
  • Messages show up in the Search Engine Listings
  • Search Engines Follow & Give Credence to Links in Message Board Postings

Our model is simple....
Build on the power of buzz spread by utilizing the power of product placement and online conversations. This approach resonates more, travels farther (exponentially), is less costly and substantially leverages your marketing budget.

Call Today For a Prompt Proposal:   323-205-7022

As production season begins, set designers and producers are searching for products and services in record numbers. Have you taken the necessary steps to ensure they will select your brand over your competitors? 

Hollywood Product Placement is a leader in getting your product into the hands of celebrities.  We work with brands to increase exposure, improve sales and maximize return on investment.

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