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Jeff Greenfield interviewed on Product Placement Hottest Mom In America coverage with Executive Producer Jeff Greenfield
Hollywood parties inside a commercial
This was covert celebrity marketing in action.
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The Tracker: Beware Big Numbers in Product Placement
Can the appearance of all those brands on CBS’s Survivor and Fox’s American Idol really be approaching the value of all advertising bought on network TV in advance of the fall season?
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Where Product Meets Program
As ad placement gets trickier, execs push for seamless integration.
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Interstate hopes Ferrell does wonders for bread
I’m a little surprised, no actually very surprised that no one, not the company nor their agency has read the script.
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NATPE Laces Up New Look Boot Camp
The Boot Camp, now in its fourth year, will be on July 26-28 at the Bel Age Hotel and other locations in West Hollywood.
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Product Placement Dealing: Try To Keep Your Hands In Your Pockets
Paying millions for product placement? Massive sucker.
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Brands take buzz to bank through free integration
Less hip brands that lack the all-powerful "buzz" factor still are succeeding at getting prominent visual and verbal integrations without forking over extra cash for integration fees, promotional support or media buys, albeit to a lesser extent than they were before branded entertainment took off several years ago.
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Advertisers can bid for space on mom\'s belly
With the media world evolving every day, companies are forced to think creatively to get their brand in the public's eye.
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Advertisers get piece of local news shows
TV stations facing increased competition and pressure on advertising revenue, the barriers that shielded news programming from production integration and placement deals are falling.
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Virtual Product Placement Infiltrates TV, Film, Games
What's fueling the virtual product placement fire? In a word, TiVo.
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Chrysler shares spotlight with (Harrison) Ford in \'Firewall\'
Such deals often specify how a car company will promote the movie along with its vehicles, Greenfield notes.
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Trading product for air time
But just because a viewer recognizes product placements over commercials does not necessarily net a positive return on investment. Greenfield said companies must establish strategic goals.
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Paid To Place
Jeff Greenfield and Patric Verrone on WNYC.
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Jeff Greenfield on CNBC Business News
Product placement expert Jeff Greenfield featured on CNBC Business News.
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In-game ads link to the real world
"In-game advertising is here to stay, and will increase as more games and platforms hook up to the Internet," says Jeff Greenfield, executive vice president of 1st Approach.
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Coke Forces TV Placement Clutter Debate Into The Open
OVER the past couple of years, the branded entertainment business has been in denial about product placement clutter on television.
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NATPE Features 1st Approach EVP Jeff Greenfield
Jeff Greenfield, Executive Vice President for Branded Entertainment Firm 1st Approach will be a featured speaker at NATPE 2006 in Las Vegas.
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BBC News Interview on Product Placement
The BBC Reports: Product placement may sound dull and not even very relevant ... but it's going to be big in the European Union ... it describes the practice, popular in the US, where television and film makers boost their earnings by charging companies to show their brands on the screen.
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A Slippery Snowy Slope for Marketing
You'll have to look a little harder to spot the Mountain Dew.
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Product placement in games sizzles
Jeff Greenfield, publisher of "Branded Entertainment Monthly" and executive VP at Portsmouth, N.H.-based 1st Approach, a product placement marketing firm. "if the brand becomes a critical part of the game's mission objective, then you've got a product placement home run."
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Has hidden advertising gone too far?
Hollywood unions for actors and writers want a code of conduct for placing products in movies and TV.
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Product placement - the plot sickens
Last summer, Greenfield sent nearly 1,000 Black & Decker Autotapes, a tape measure that extends automatically, to Hollywood script writers.
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Next Big Idea New York
Jeff Greenfield presents at The Next Big Idea in New York on October 19, 2005.
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NASCAR Goes Hollywood
NASCAR is seen as a can’t-miss product to many advertisers, and lately — within the last year, according to many experts — that means the previously network-television obsessed world of Hollywood.
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Desperate advertisers
Product placement - someone had to place the brand name product on the set. It was no accident, and it probably wasn't free.
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A tale of two Marthas for blue-chip advertisers
More than 20 advertisers, including General Motors, General Electric and Procter & Gamble, are spending anywhere from $300,000 to $3 million for a role on "Martha."
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Branded Entertainment Radio Interview
Radio interview with Jeff Greenfield on CKNW News Radio.
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Attention-grabbing film promotions were the exception and not the rule
Film promotions were so tepid that only a few even managed to get noticed.
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VNU unit site launches guide to branded entertainment
Entertainment marketing firm 1st Approach and VNU's InsideBrandedEntertainment Web site have partnered to launch the Branded Entertainment Monthly and Annual Guide.
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‘Buzzmarketing is solid guide to word-of-mouth ads
Greenfield’s story is one of several Hughes uses to underscore his theme of ‘’give them something to talk about,'’ which he says trumps the conventional marketing model in a world that has grown increasingly skeptical of traditional advertising.
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The Magic Behind Great Marketing
Greenfield got his business off the ground by taking patients no one else wanted - those without health insurance and those in bad condition. Adopting a philosophy of treatment first, he turned no one away, regardless of ability to pay. From some he got nothing. From others he took whatever they could afford. But he insisted on another form of payment, word of mouth.
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No Escape as Live 8 Saturates
Live 8 is an effort to raise awareness about poverty and to encourage leaders of the G8 nations to forgive the debts of poorer nations, increase aid to Africa and embrace fair trade.
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No Place Like Home
A recent AP-AOL poll found three-fourths of Americans would prefer to watch a movie at home, helping send the industry into its deepest slump in decades.
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Goodyear has ride-on role in film
Goodyear has ride-on role in film
Coming soon to a Goodyear retailer near you will be the “Herbie Derby'’ promotion, where customers who buy four selected Goodyear tires will also get a cap identical to the one worn by Lindsay Lohan. The cross-promotion will involve Herbie Derby window banners, counter cards, direct mail and advertising.

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Actors spar over video-game voices
Video games generate large profits, and Hollywood movie actors are pushing to reap a bigger share of those rewards.
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Revenge of the Advertiser
Brand entertainment’s biggest success story, “The Apprentice,” was crawling with not-so-subtle plugs this season - for Sony’s PlayStation 2, Everlast sporting equipment, Best Buy and Pepsi, among others.
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Gadget Promos Creep Into TV Shows
Jeff Greenfield, executive vice president at 1st Approach, a Dover, New Hampshire-based marketing firm, has been shopping Black & Decker’s new AutoTape product to TV writers. At the push of a button, the battery-driven AutoTape automatically extends and retracts a measuring tape.
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Ads creeping into TV programs
“It’s a whole new ballgame — shows like `The Apprentice’ have taken the practice to a new level,'’ said Jeff Greenfield, executive vice president of 1st Approach, a product-placement firm based in Boston. “The ad has become part of the show; it’s the ultimate in product integration.'’
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Small Screen Gets Crowded As Brand Placements Double
If the rapid increase in brand appearances continues, the industry will soon have to face the same issue that the advertising business has been dealing with for decades: clutter.
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From Hoovers Online:
"With over half a million households currently using the TiVO style ‘personal video recorders’, a recent study reveals users skip commercials 72.3% of the time -- a much higher rate than those watching live TV or those using videotape recorders.

“Hollywood is now experimenting with guerilla marketing tactics that are well known on the Internet and  we expect to see more sponsors move away from the traditional commercial where we are ‘interrupted’ and towards a more ‘permission-based’ marketing.”

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